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Winter Tips

Last night I took a nighttime walk in a snowstorm.   It was beautiful and quiet and reminded me of how good it feels to be outside and breathe deeply… that winter has its own special feel and that I need to enjoy winter outdoors. Stay Hydrated: We all know that winter...

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Mindset and chronic illness

 Anyone who has read  a self help book or knows anything about life coaching, has heard about the power of our mind and how interconnected mind and body are.  For some, this is easy to buy into. For others, not so much.  I am somewhere in between.  A few  years ago, I...

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Emotions and skin

 Skin care and lymphedema go hand in hand. It is one of the 4 pillars of complete decongestive therapy (CDT). Hopefully if you have been to formal therapy for lymphedema, you have been told the importance of things like keeping your skin clean and well moisturized,...

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Goal Achieving Hacks

 It was January of 2019. Sitting with my journal and a whole lot  of ideas in my head, I stared at a blank page. who or where did I want to be  next year this time. I sat , scrolling instagram...seeing people’s posts about their  big goals. Everyone had clarity and...

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My birthday is in November so I thought i would write this post about myself  and the reason why I began this blog and business:  When doing a google search on the meaning of my name, I found “Sandra” means "defender of men".  That fits me. I get energy from...

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Lymphatic Health after Breast Cancer

"ONCE I OVERCAME BREAST CANCER, I WASN'T AFRAID OF ANYTHING ANYMORE"           Melissa Etheridge                                                                                          Lymphedema is  an unfortunate side effect of breast cancer. If your lymphatic...

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Swelling after Plastic Surgery

A blocked lymphatic system can result in swelling, pain, and discomfort.  Surgical procedures like a tummy tuck, breast augmentation or liposuction can disrupt the natural pathways of the lymphatic system causing it to be injured or blocked and not performing is...

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New Resources Discovered!!

I am excited to share a few resources I have recently discovered… These will be added to the resource page of my website: click here to see all the info. The Lymphedema Podcast… Betty Westbrook is a CLT based in Texas who began a podcast all about lymphedema. Some of...

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