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 It was January of 2019. Sitting with my journal and a whole lot  of ideas in my head, I stared at a blank page. who or where did I want to be  next year this time. I sat , scrolling instagram…seeing people’s posts about their  big goals. Everyone had clarity and when I read there big dreams, I felt so confident  that they would achieve their goals and I felt so certain I would again fail….

Why is that?  Why do we so  enthusiastically know what we want one day but so  quickly give up on it or just forget about it all together?

I did a deep dive  into forming habits and new  year resolutions. Here are some ideas  that I tried last year…and many of them worked.

Make goals rather than  resolutions: I Love goals: I write goals for a living. In occupational therapy school, we learned  to write goals that are measurable and attainable… You start out with a large, long term goal and then  break that down into smaller short term goals. In my own life, I started out with an idea of who and what  I wanted to be in the future and then made smaller goals that would get me closer to who I wanted to ge in 10 years. For me,  goals were motivating, resolutions not  so much.


Visualize what  it looks like to  achieve your goal: This year, I wanted to RUN a race. I  have done many races but always walked a  little bit. I wanted to run the whole race. I  visualized this the entire race. I watched myself running across the finish  line. I felt happy because I pushed through every time I wanted to walk just a few steps. Saw myself as strong  and determined. And I did it. I did not stop. Visualization helped so much. 


Write your  goals down regularly:  This was  a game changer  for me! I wrote my 24 goals down  multiple times a week. They were always right there  in front of my mind and I was always looking for ways to make progress. One  of my goals for 2019 was to see a concert so when I heard Madonna was coming to Chicago, I  jumped at the chance. A flurry of text with my girls and we had tickets. Come October, we were there!  Had that goal not been at the forefront of  my mind, those Madonna  tickets may have  just been a passing thought.  


Find  some fun  in the goals: Come up  with ideas to make at least part of your goals fun.  Regular exercise or using your compression regularly may not fun but maybe  if it can be combined with watching a good show or buying a fun sleeve to wear every  once in a while it may be. Also,  if you are making  multiple  goals, it  helped  me to  have some of them as just fun…like seeing Madonna or visiting  a friend. 


 Remember that achieving a goal takes resources  I don’t think it is possible to show up for everyone you love and train  for the marathon and grow professionally and redo your basement. I learned  this in 2019. In November, I ran short on both time and money to travel  to connect with a few people and to see the nutcracker in NYC. This year I will adjust my goals knowing this.  The point is, accomplishing things takes time or energy or money.. You will be sacrificing something to achieve your goal. Know that  going into it. 


 Don’t  let perfect get  in the way of progress” ~  Gretchen  Rubin       I love this quote.  Perfect is not possible most of the time. Doing something toward your goal is better than doing nothing.  Drinking one more glass of water a day, one more drawer  decluttered, or one more yoga class a month. Aim for progress!!




If  one of  your 2020 goals is to improve your lymphatic system, I would love  to help. Please reach out!

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