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Building Your Team

Lymphedema is a chronic condition and. it takes commitment to keep it in check. Even then, there are bound to be set backs.  One of the most important things to do after a diagnosis of ANY condition is to  Build Your Team. It takes a lot of time and maybe even some...

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Cellulitis FAQ

Cellulitis can land you in the hospital with IV antibiotics fast! In my (many) years as a therapist, cellulitis is something people  seem to be routinely uneducated about.  Recovering from cellulitis can be a long and difficult journey. Those with lymphedema are at...

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Exercise for Lymphatic Health

New Year, New Goals Exercise on your goal list for 2019? Here are my tips for exercise that also benefits the lymphatic system…. Yoga: Yoga in my opinion is one of the  few exercises where you feel better immediately after over doing it! Yoga focuses on breathing and...

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What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage???

"What  exactly is manual lymphatic drainage?"  I was asked this at a recent wellness meet up.  I was reminded that the technique I use all the time frequently requires explanation. It needs to be explained even to people who work in health care.  If you are wondering...

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Ovarian Cancer

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Ovarian Cancer is a sneaky disease. Many of the symptoms are very vague and can be discounted easily. Fatigue, bloating, back and abdominal pain and urinary urgency or frequency are all symptoms that can be associated with...

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